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Stateline Sports Group Program Team Sponsorships:

Connecting Brands with Athletics

We are thrilled to introduce a unique opportunity for businesses to become an integral part of the Stateline Sports Group's mission while gaining exposure and recognition. Our program teams are excited to offer Team Sponsorships, a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows companies to showcase their support for local sports and receive valuable visibility in return.

How it Works:

Through the Team Sponsorship program, businesses have the chance to align their brand with our thriving sports community. Depending on the level of sponsorship, each business's logo will be prominently displayed on the respective program team's website page, complete with a direct link to the company's website or Facebook page. This creates a direct avenue for potential customers to engage with your brand, fostering valuable connections.

Sized Logos for Maximum Impact:

We understand that each sponsorship contribution is a testament to your commitment to local sports and community development. To show our appreciation and enhance your visibility, we've designed a unique system of logo sizing based on sponsorship levels:

Base Hit Sponsors ($100.00 - $250.00):

Businesses falling within this range will have their logos displayed prominently on the program team's website page, ensuring your support receives the attention it deserves.

Triple Sponsors ($501.00 - $1,000.00):

Triple Sponsors enjoy even greater visibility, with logos featured prominently in a larger size. This tier signifies a commitment to excellence and a shared passion for the sports community

Double Sponsors ($251.00 - $500.00):

As a Double Sponsor, your logo will be showcased with a slightly larger size, reflecting your heightened contribution and dedication to the team's success.

Home Run Sponsors (Over $1,000.00):

The Home Run Sponsorship level represents the pinnacle of support. With logos prominently displayed in a substantial size, this tier emphasizes your exceptional dedication to both the program team and the community as a whole.

The Benefits:

Participating in the Team Sponsorship program offers businesses numerous advantages:

Enhanced Visibility:

Your logo, sized according to your sponsorship level, will be displayed prominently on the program team's website, ensuring your brand reaches a wide audience of sports enthusiasts.

Direct Engagement:

The direct link to your company's website or Facebook page creates a seamless connection between potential customers and your brand, facilitating engagement and interaction.

Community Recognition:

Your sponsorship not only supports local sports but also showcases your commitment to community growth and development.

Customized Engagement:

 By selecting your desired sponsorship level, you can tailor your involvement to align with your brand's goals and budget.

Tiered Recognition:

The tiered logo sizing system allows your sponsorship level to be instantly recognizable, celebrating your contribution.

Join us in promoting sports, community, and collaboration through the Stateline Sports Group's Team Sponsorship program. Your support not only fuels our program teams but also strengthens the ties that bind us as a community.

Contact us today to explore how your brand can become a part of this exciting initiative.