Stateline Sports Group offers time slots at OrthoIllinois Indoor Center, Swanson Park, Cross Park, RMS, & Kelly Meyers Park for our membership in good standing to use for the team and individual training.

If you currently are a member with login permissions you can click on the "eSOFT PLANNER logo to the right to view the current availability and reserve time in one of our facilities.

If you do not have login permissions and you are a current member in good standing in Stateline Sports Group you can click on the red link to the right to obtain your login permissions.

Please note membership login applications are only processed during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

For questions or help on a prior reservation please call (815) 312-5143.

Future OrthoIllinois Events Schedule

Saturday November 6th l Program Photos l 7 am - 1 pm

Saturday November 13th l Program Measurables l 7 am - 1 pm

Friday November 19th l Holiday Blitz l 1 pm - 9 pm

Saturday November 20th l Holiday Blitz l 6 am- 7 pm

Weekend of December 18 & 19 l 13U Generals 6 vs 6 l Closed both Days

Sunday January 9th l Midwest Fastpitch l 10 am -6 pm

Weekend of January 22 & 23 l SSG 6 vs 6 l Closed both Days

Weekend of February 12 & 13 l SSG 6 vs 6 l Closed both Days