Facility reservations are only processed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. For request during non-business hours please text your request to 815-289-4558.

Stateline Sports Group offers time slots at OrthoIllinois Indoor Center, Swanson Park, Cross Park, RMS, & Kelly Meyers Park for teams and membership in good standing to use for team and individual training.

Please click on the eSOFT planner logo below to review current open dates and times. If the date and time you are requesting are available please click on the 2022 Stateline Sports Group Facility Request button to submit a request.


For questions or help on a prior reservation, call (815) 312-5143.

If you click on the button below, it will take you to the 2022 Spring diamond assignments. You can see the actual teams who are on assigned diamonds. For Swanson Park, use the eSoft schedule to determine availability, then request times using the request button.

Once you have checked for space by clicking on the eSoft logo, click on the 2022 STATELINE SPORTS GROUP FACILITY REQUEST button to request time. Please remember:

  • Stateline Fury & Stateline Generals will have priority over the Lady Shamrocks for any OrthIllinois indoor request.
  • It does not reserve your space until you receive an email confirmation.
  • If reserving indoor time, the space you are requesting may be lowered, determined by the number of players requesting the space. (if no one else shows up to use the facility, you are welcome to use the open space)
  • Teams will always take priority over individuals.
  • You can reserve up to 90 minutes at the indoor facility at one time,
  • You can reserve up to 90 minutes at a diamond at one time
  • You cannot double-book the OrthIllinois Indoor facility and an outside diamond for the same time.
  • You can only request facility time seven days in advance or the day of if available.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel any request in order to be fair to as many of the teams as possible.

Please remember if there is no one at the indoor facility when you leave you must complete everything listed on the south exit door. If you do not you may lose your access to the facility. Thank You