Stateline Sports Group Pitching Development Program

The Stateline Sports Group's new Free Pitchers Development Program is a comprehensive training initiative specifically designed to cater to our beginner fastpitch pitchers. This program prioritizes the fundamentals of pitching and aims to provide a solid foundation for aspiring pitchers looking to excel in the world of fastpitch softball. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from this program:

  1. Fundamental Mechanics: The core of the program is focused on teaching the fundamental mechanics of fastpitch pitching. Participants will learn about proper grip, stance, balance, and posture. Emphasis will be placed on achieving an efficient and repeatable pitching motion.
  2. Pitching Grips: Participants will be taught the basic fastball pitching grip.
  3. Release and Follow-Through: Our staff will work closely with our members to ensure they understand the importance of a consistent and accurate release point. Proper follow-through and finishing the pitch will also be emphasized to maximize velocity and control.
  4. Pitching Drills: The program includes a variety of drills designed to reinforce pitching mechanics and improve muscle memory. These drills will be tailored to the skill level of each participant, ensuring that everyone progresses at their own pace.
  5. Mental Toughness: Pitching is as much a mental game as it is physical. The program will address the mental aspects of pitching, such as focus, confidence, and composure under pressure. Participants will learn how to stay calm and make smart decisions on the mound.
  6. Conditioning and Injury Prevention: Coaches will stress the importance of proper conditioning and injury prevention techniques to keep pitchers healthy and on the field.
  7. Feedback and Evaluation: Throughout the program, our staff will provide constructive feedback and evaluations to help our beginner pitchers understand their strengths and areas needing improvement.
  8. Goal Setting: Participants will have the opportunity to set personal pitching goals, and coaches will work with them to create a roadmap for achieving those goals.
  9. Overall, the Stateline Sports Group's Pitchers Development Program is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of beginner fastpitch pitchers. By instilling proper techniques, mechanics, and a strong mental game, participants will be well-equipped to continue honing their skills and contribute to their teams with confidence and proficiency on the mound.


Please Remember All Stateline Sports Group Pitching Students MUST Provide Their Own Catcher.

Stateline Sports Group Pitching Development Pitching Sessions

Stateline Sports Group Pitching Development Student Date and Time Assignments

The Stateline Sports Group Pitching Development Program will start its initial group of training sessions in October 2023 and continue through the winter. We have currently scheduled 20 sessions. The schedule is available on the Stateline Sports Group website calendar and the indoor facility schedule. Each session will consist of a 30-minute warm-up session followed by 60 minutes of learning the basics of fast pitch pitching. Due to unforeseen issues, the schedule may vary from time to time, however we will do our best to keep everyone informed.

We completely understand your assigned time may not be good for everyone. We did our best to put players with similar skills and ages. As our sessions progress our staff will start evaluating students and assign times as to how they progress.  We will take attendance and fill spots if players are not in attendance.