Stateline Lady Shamrocks
Welcome to the Stateline Lady Shamrocks' year-round recreational softball program. The Lady Shamrocks is one of three different softball levels offered by Stateline Sports Group. Stateline Sports Group is by far the leading softball program in Northern Illinois. Their three softball levels start with our non-travel local recreational Lady Shamrocks, followed by our Fury Futures class C program, and finish with the most respected level class A, Stateline Fury. The goal of Stateline Sports Group is to allow their player members to have the opportunity to play just for the pure enjoyment of playing the game in our recreational Lady Shamrock program or having the opportunity to develop their skills to play in high school or on the college level with our Futures or Stateline Fury travel programs.

Why Choose The Lady Shamrocks ?


Full Uniforms
Every player in our Lady Shamrocks softball recreational program will be provided a full uniform as part of their annual player fee. The uniform will include a custom Lady Shamrock jersey, custom Lady Shamrock pants, belts, and socks. A new uniform is provided each year at their registration date. In addition to the playing uniform, each lady Shamrock is provided with a practice shirt each fall to have for indoor skills sessions and team practice.


"Stars of Tomorrow" 
Every player in our Lady Shamrocks softball recreational program will have the opportunity to play in the "Stars of Tomorrow" league. The "stars of Tomorrow" League consists of about 20 league games. In addition to the league games, all of the lady Shamrocks will play in two recreational tournaments. They are the Mid Season Summer Slam and the year-end "Stars of Tomorrow" league championship tournament.  


Stateline Fall League
Every player in our Lady Shamrocks softball recreational program will have the opportunity to play in the Stateline fall league. The Stateline fall League consists of about 10 league games. All of the Stateline fall league is played at our own Swanson Park on the weekends only. In addition to the Stateline Fall league, all of our Lady Shamrocks will have the opportunity to play in our outdoor season-ending "Scarecrow Slam" tournament. The "Scarecrow Slam" has been proven to be one of the most fun events of the year.


Skills Training
Every player in our Lady Shamrocks softball recreational program will have the opportunity to develop their softball skills by participating in the Stateline Sports Group off-season skills sessions. The skills development sessions start each January and go through February with weekly sessions. The very unique part of the skills sessions is they are under the direction of some of the most experienced softball staff in Northern Illinois. 

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Speed and Agility
Every player in our Lady Shamrocks softball recreational program will have the opportunity to take part in the Stateline Sports Group speed and agility classes held from September through November. These sessions are open to all of our lady Shamrocks free of charge.


Skills Measurables
Every player in our Lady Shamrocks softball recreational program will have the opportunity to track their softball skills development. Two times a year the players are measured and recorded using Team Genius. Team Genius is one of the industries leading youth program skills development management systems. Each Lady Shamrock has their height, weight, grip strength, vertical jump, long jump, overhand throwing velocity, bat exit velocity, and the 20-yard sprint measured and recorded. In addition, all pitchers and catchers have their pitches and pop times measured and recorded. Once the measurables are completed they are shared with the families giving them data to see how their daughter's softball skills are improving or when they need to improve.


The Lady Shamrocks softball program has a real advantage when it comes to training facilities. Being part of Stateline Sports Group they have two lighted diamonds and a 10,000.0 square foot fully turfed indoor training facility. So when they are outdoors or need to be indoors the Lady Shamrocks have the best in Northern Illinois to play and train.

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Our goal is to create a home for anyone to play softball the right way and the Lady Shamrocks is by far the best value you are going to find in a recreational softball program. Our annual player's fee of $295.00 includes spring/summer and fall leagues, 3 league tournaments, a full uniform, and access to all our training. Our off-season skills sessions itself is a $300.00 value, so you essentially get a full uniform, games, and facilities for FREE.

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Stateline Lady Shamrocks
Stateline Sports Group encourages anyone looking for a softball recreational program to please take the time to compare. Stateline Sports Group is confident when you compare you will see the Lady Shamrocks offer more for your dollar than any other program in the area. In addition to what the Lady Shamrocks provides in their recreational program are the additional opportunities, our families have been part of the Stateline Sports Group family of softball programs. The Lady Shamrocks are the only recreational program that opens doors within the program to advance up the ladder in your softball goals. With being part of Stateline Sports Group the Lady Shamrocks have access to the most experienced softball staff in the area. So take the time to compare before you decide what program is the best for you.

No Player Is turned away!

For additional information please feel free to contact our Stateline Lady Shamrock Program Director Vinnie Caiozzo (

Who are the Lady Shamrocks?

The Stateline Lady Shamrocks is designed for the softball player who wants to receive the absolute best softball training in the area but is not ready for the jump to a travel program. We are a rec-level program that provides the training needed to make it to the next level while still keeping the game fun! The Stateline Sports Group has kept the cost of the program very affordable, giving you the best value for learning the types of skills that are only taught at the club level, all within a supportive environment surrounded by other softball players that are eager to learn and improve.

An Organization That Grows with You

The Lady Shamrock program is part of the Stateline Sports Group ladder of fastpitch softball programs. The Lady Shamrock program gives the players the opportunity to train and play at their goal skill level. We are a great fit for recreational-level players that want to make it to the next level or rec-level players that are looking for a great experience and to learn the game the right way. The uniqueness of the Stateline Sports Group fastpitch softball programs is that players can move up and down in our programs from the Lady Shamrocks (recreational), Fury Futures (class B/C, local tournaments) to our Stateline Fury travel (class A, full-travel program).

If you sign up for the Lady Shamrocks you are a part of the program, WE DO NOT TURN ANY PLAYERS AWAY! Once signed up, your player will train by age group and be placed on a team that is best suited for their skill level and softball goals. We will never turn a player away from the game and will do our best to allow you to enjoy the game at a level that is in line with the players' abilities and goals.

And we LOVE our multi-sport athletes, so your player will never be penalized for playing another sport. We encourage our players to play other sports and will continue to support them in any way we can. All we ask is that you communicate your schedules to our coaches ahead of time so they are able to plan out practices and events so our other players aren't impacted negatively.

Top Tier Teams Create Top Tier Players

The best way to develop players is to challenge them. At each age group, we create a tier of teams as it relates to skill level and their goals in softball. All our teams will have the same resources available to them and have the same access to our facilities and training.

For those players that want to play on our top-tier teams, we offer private tryouts for our Fury and Fury Futures teams. If a player doesn’t make that team, they will of course still remain in the program just on a team that matches their current skill level. This will allow the player to continue to develop and climb that ladder next season if they want to. 

Unmatched Training

Another big difference between the Lady Shamrocks and other local-only organizations is the additional training players receive from the most experienced and highly trained softball staff in the Stateline area. All year long your player will be taught different softball skills and techniques through a variety of methods, such as team clinics, camps, and scrimmages.

In the off-season, our players take part in our program training sessions that are built to develop a solid base of fundamental and advanced softball skill sets. Each off-season training session begins with getting the players’ measurables, such as speed, throwing velocity, exit velocity, etc. We end the off-season training by measuring them again to gauge their progress and highlight areas for improvement.

Also during our off-season training, players take part in a speed and agility program developed by the University of Wisconsin’s Athletic Department designed to increase a player’s athleticism with a focus on softball-specific movements. Better athletes make better softball players! 

We pair this with weekly skill sessions and position-specific training, all designed to help our players build a solid softball foundation. We cover the basics such as throwing, hitting/bunting, and fielding mechanics all the way to the more advanced skills such as slap hitting and situational awareness. 

Between the measurables, speed and agility, and weekly sessions…our off-season program is second to none!

And the coaches get training too! All Lady Shamrock coaches go through our coaches' training program with the Stateline Sports Group "Next Level Training." This program is year-round and features monthly sessions with collegiate softball coaches and clinics based on specific strategies, including how to build a successful practice regimen. This will ensure that your player will be coached in the correct manner in all aspects of the game.

All the Games You’ll Play

The Lady Shamrocks season consists of 20+ league games in the Stars of Tomorrow league, 15+ league games in the SSG fall league in addition to 3 league tournaments. We also facilitate multiple scrimmage games for our teams and we have partnered with local colleges to expose our players to softball at some of the highest levels with college games held at our facilities.

The Lady Shamrocks program gives your player the best opportunity to learn the game of softball from the best coaches around and continue to grow their skills all while keeping the game fun!

The Best Value Around

Our goal is to create a home for anyone to learn to play softball the right way and the Lady Shamrocks is by far the best value you are going to find at the club level. Our annual fee of $295 includes spring/summer and fall league, 3 league tournaments, a full uniform, and access to ALL our training! Our off-season training program itself is a $300 dollar value, so you essentially get a full uniform, games, and facilities for FREE! Also, our flexible payment plans allow you to space out the annual fee to reduce the impact on your budget.

We are able to keep costs this low because of our strong commitment to fundraising. We have two fundraising events a year in which ALL Stateline Sports Group programs take part in. Fundraising for the Lady Shamrocks is done at a program level and not by teams, this ensures there are no haves and have-nots. And any increase in resources is felt across all programs and age levels and not by individual teams. There are buy-out options for those that do not wish to partake in our fundraising activities which you can enroll in at the time of registration or during the fundraiser events.

These fundraising efforts make it possible for us to not only keep costs low but also offer hardship scholarships to those in need. This helps guarantee that no one goes without access to a great softball program because of a lack of resources. 


Make Fun a Part of the Game

Become a part of a committed program with the best access to training in the area and give your player the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and have a great time doing it! The Lady Shamrocks program is the all-around best way to enjoy the game of softball and be taught the game the right way all while keeping it fun for the players.




(Payment Plans Available To Fit Everyone's Budget)


Uniform (Jersey l Pants l Socks)
Stateline Leagues (25-30 Games)
25-30 Hours of Program Training
Speed & Agility sessions

Local Non-Travel Tournaments:

 Fall - Scarecrow Slam
Summer- Stars of Tomorrow Mid-Season Summer Slam- Stars of Tomorrow League Championship



Families will participate in the (2)  Stateline Sports Group Fundraisers unless they have purchased the program fundraising buy-out at registration.