2022/23 Stateline Fury Futures

Stateline Fury Futures is an introductory travel program and sister to Stateline Fury. The Fury Futures Program develops softball skills and fundamentals, for players to excel at the next level. The Fury Futures program will play primarily class Events within 100 miles of our facility. Participating in our Fury Futures program is great for the player who wants to improve their skills to play at the high school level  With some of the area’s best training facilities, instructors, and coaches, we have developed players to move to our full class a Stateline Fury program.


Stateline Fury Futures uses TEAMGENIUS, a state-of-the-art evaluation software, to assess players. We will evaluate each player for power, speed, agility, and softball skills. There is a $10 tryout fee to register on the TEAMGENIUS platform. Player evaluations are available upon request following team selections.


Stateline Fury Futures coaches work under the direction of Mike Marszalec. Mike is the Stateline Fury Program Director and is one of the most respected coaches and softball instructors in the Stateline area. With the assistance of Fury coaches and college players, we develop players through consistent, proven training techniques used by the top college programs in the country.

07UF - Lisa Larson/Jessica Sockness

08UF - Interviewing Candidates

10UF - Zoie Carney

12UF - Angela McNames

13UF - Vinnie Caiozzo

15UF - Brandon Smith


Stateline Fury Futures is a developmental travel program competing on a local level. Player fees range from $550 to $850 depending on your agegroup and tournament schedule. We offer fundraising oportunities to help offset your cost, and payment plans to fit almost anyone's budget.


  • Full Uniform (jersey, pants, socks)
  • Next Level Training - teams will participate in our winter training program, with a focus on developing fundamentals and proper softball mechanics. Training is led by a variety of college players, college coaches and professional instructors
  • Speed & Agility Training - softaball is a quick explosive game, and we relaize the need to train your athletes to maximize their potential. Players have the opportunity to participate in 8-week of training program in the months of November and December.
  • Team Practices - teams will practice using the areas best facilities, August through October, and March through July.
  • Approximately 10 Tournaments
    Each of our Stateline Futures teams have approximately a $5,000 tournament budget. If a team needs to play additional events above the budget then team fundraising will be used.


The OrthoIllinois facility is the Stateline’s premier indoor training facility, featuring 10,000 square feet of turfed indoor space, with 32’ high ceilings. The indoor center features a full infield, nine tunnels, pitching machines, and an elevated viewing deck.


Swanson Park has two lighted diamonds, concessions, playground, and clean indoor restrooms, all set in a parklike family setting.