(Only Four Days) Wednesday March 27th Through Sunday March 31st

Welcome To The Stateline Sports Group Spring Fundraiser!

We're Excited To Announce The Launch Of Our Spring Fundraiser, Featuring Double Good Popcorn Products. With This Delicious Offering, Not Only Will You Enjoy Mouthwatering Popcorn, But You'll Also Be Supporting Our Organization's Initiatives.

Here's How It Works: For Every Sale Made, We'll Receive An Impressive 50% Of The Proceeds. These Funds Will Directly Benefit Our Programs, As Well As Contribute To Much-Needed Updates And Repairs At Swanson Park And Other Essential Projects.

By Participating In Our Fundraiser, You're Not Only Treating Yourself To Tasty Snacks But Also Making A Tangible Difference In Our Community. Thank You For Your Support, And Let's Make This Fundraiser A Resounding Success Together!

Important Information You Will need to Know

  • To Join Our Stateline Sports Group Fundraiser On The Double Good App, You'll Need To Enter The Event Code OUYQON When Prompted After Downloading The App. This 6-letter Code Will Ensure That Your Purchases Contribute To Our Fundraising Efforts. Thank You For Your Participation And Support!
  • When Setting Your Fundraising Goal, Please Keep In Mind That We Only Receive 50% Of The Sales, So It's Important To Double Your Target To Accurately Reflect Our Earnings. This Adjustment Ensures That We're Aiming For The Total Amount Needed To Support Our Programs, Park Updates, Repairs, And Other Initiatives. Thank You For Considering This When Setting Your Fundraising Goal!
  • We will be adding team incentives before the start of the four (4) day sales campaign.
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Before We Get Started, Make Sure To Download The Double Good App To Your Mobile Device From Your App Provider. This App Will Be Your Gateway To Accessing Our Fundraiser And Browsing Through The Delicious Popcorn Products Available. Once You've Downloaded The App, You'll Be Ready To Support Our Cause And Enjoy Some Tasty Treats!


Individual Player Fundraising Sales Incentives

  • Introducing Our Spring Fundraiser Incentive Prizes!At Stateline Sports Group, We're Dedicated To Making The Sport Of Softball Accessible To All. That's Why We're Thrilled To Announce Our Exciting Incentive Prizes For Our Spring Fundraisers, Designed To Reward Our Players For Their Fundraising Efforts.

    Here's How It Works: Players Who Have Met The Program Fundraising Requirement Will Earn 25% Of The Profit From Their Sales Credited Toward Their Player Fees Or A Fee Refund. This Means That Their Hard Work In Selling Fundraiser Items Directly Contributes To Reducing Their Fees Or Even Receiving A Refund.

    But Wait, It Gets Even Better! For Those Who Purchased Out Of The Program Fundraiser Or Are Siblings, The Incentive Is Doubled. Players Will Earn An Impressive 50% Of The Profit From Their Sales Credited Towards Their Player Fees Or A Fee Refund. This Generous Incentive Not Only Motivates Our Players To Participate But Also Ensures That Their Fundraising Efforts Have A Significant Impact On Their Financial Obligations.

    We Believe That By Offering These Incentive Prizes, We're Not Only Rewarding Our Players For Their Dedication But Also Fostering A Sense Of Ownership And Pride In Their Fundraising Achievements. Thank You For Your Support In Making Our Spring Fundraisers A Success!

    Let's Hit It Out Of The Park Together!

Individual Fury Team Fundraising Sales Incentives

  • Introducing Our Spring Fundraiser Fury Team Incentive Prizes!Exciting News for Fury Teams!

    We're thrilled to announce an additional incentive contest for our Fury teams that promises to elevate the spirit of teamwork and fundraising efforts!

    Here's how it works: If a Fury team achieves 100% participation from every player on the team and maintains an average profit of $250.00 (or $125.00 profit per player), then that team will earn an impressive $250.00 added to their team account.

    This means that by working together to achieve full participation and reach their fundraising goals, Fury teams can earn valuable funds that can be used to support team expenses, equipment purchases, and more.

    So, rally your teammates, unleash your fundraising spirit, and let's aim for 100% participation and outstanding fundraising success!

    Best of luck to all our Fury teams!

Individual Shamrock Team Fundraising Sales Incentives

  • Introducing Our Spring Fundraiser Shamrock Team Incentive Prizes!We're delighted to introduce an exciting new incentive contest for our Shamrock teams, designed to reward teamwork and fundraising success in a fun and memorable way!

    Here's how it works: If a Shamrock team achieves 100% participation from every player on the team and maintains an average profit of $250.00 (or $125.00 profit per player), then that team will earn a fantastic team night at a Beloit Sky Carp game.

    Imagine cheering on the Sky Carp with your teammates, enjoying the excitement of the game, and celebrating your fundraising achievements together. It's sure to be an unforgettable experience for all involved!

    So, rally your teammates, ignite your fundraising spirit, and let's aim for 100% participation and outstanding fundraising success to earn your Shamrock team a night of fun at the ballpark!

    Best of luck to all our Shamrock teams!

Stateline Sports Group Fundrasing Obligations

  • Dear Stateline Sports Group Families,

    As We Continue With Another Exciting Season Of Softball, It's Important To Revisit Our Commitment To Fundraising And The Vital Role It Plays In Supporting Our Organization. Our Fundraising Agreement Is A Fundamental Aspect Of Our Program, Aimed At Keeping Program Fees As Low As Possible While Ensuring We Have The Resources Necessary To Provide A Top-Notch Experience For Our Athletes.

    By Participating In Our Fundraising Efforts, Each Family Contributes Directly To The Success And Sustainability Of Stateline Sports Group. As Per Our Current Fundraising Agreement, Each Family Is Required To Participate In Two Stateline Sports Group Fundraisers Throughout The Year.

    By Participating In The Fundraisers, You Agree To Meet The Minimum Fundraising Profit Of $400.00 Total Between The Two Events. This Contribution Helps Cover The Expenses Associated With Our Softball Programs, Facility Maintenance, Equipment Purchases, And Other Essential Needs.

    During Our Double Good Virtual Spring Fundraiser, The Profit Generated From Sales (50% Of Sales) Will Be Credited To Your Fundraising Obligation. This Means That Every Purchase Made Through The Fundraiser Will Directly Contribute To Meeting Your Fundraising Requirement. Your Participation And Support In This Event Are Greatly Appreciated, As It Not Only Benefits Our Organization But Also Helps You Fulfill Your Fundraising Commitment. Thank You For Your Involvement And Dedication To Our Cause!

    It's Important To Note That If The Minimum Fundraising Goal Is Not Met, Families Will Be Billed For The Remaining Amount After Their Two Fundraisers, With Payment Due Within Seven (7) Working Days.

    We Recognize That Fundraising May Require Time And Effort, But We Believe It's A Valuable Investment In Our Organization's Future. Together, We Can Ensure That Stateline Sports Group Continues To Thrive And Provide Exceptional Opportunities For Our Athletes.

    Thank You For Your Continued Support And Dedication To Our Softball Community.

Clarification of Profit Calculations

  • Profit From The Sales Of Our Double Good Virtual Fundraiser Is Defined As 50% Of The Sales. This Means That For Every $100.00 In Sales, $50.00 Will Be Considered Profit. We Want To Ensure Transparency And Clarity Regarding How The Profits Are Calculated, Allowing Participants To Have A Clear Understanding Of The Impact Of Their Fundraising Efforts. Thank You For Your Support And Participation In Our Fundraiser.