2024 Stars Swanson Park Gate Pass Information


Why Is There A Gate Fee At Swanson Park

As we prepare for another exciting season of the "Stars of Tomorrow" recreational league, it's important to clarify the rationale behind the gate fee charged at Swanson Park. Unlike some programs, the "Stars of Tomorrow" league does not impose any fees on participating programs, except for independent teams utilizing Stateline as their home venue. Each softball program assumes full responsibility for hosting games at their respective venues.

During the "Stars of Tomorrow" season, Stateline Park hosts three tournaments, including two mid-season tournaments and the end-of-the-season league championships. It's essential to note that Stateline covers all expenses associated with these events, including diamonds, officials, and awards. The costs for these tournaments typically range between $7500.00 and $9000.00, depending on the number of participating teams. Notably, none of the participating teams are charged any fees for their involvement in these tournaments.

Therefore, the gate fees collected at Swanson Park are allocated to cover the expenses incurred by Stateline in hosting these tournaments. We believe this clarification underscores our commitment to providing a high-quality softball experience for all participants while ensuring the financial sustainability of our events.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to grow and improve our softball programs.