2022 Stateline Sports Group Spring Fundraiser

March Madness Bracket Challenge

March 3rd Through April 4th


2022 Stateline Sports Group March Madness

Fundraising is vital for the success of our program. Our Fundraising Committee has decided we will do an NCAA March Madness bracket challenge for our last fundraiser for the year. This spring fundraising campaign will only be 12 days long kicking off on March 3rd and finishing on March 14th. Brackets will be $20 each for your first bracket and $10.00 each for any additional brackets. Stateline Sports Group tries to keep all of our player fees affordable for all of our members. In order to do that, we rely on our three fundraisers each season to help us to continue the programs. Each of our members has a monitor goal, please consider purchasing a bracket to help them reach their goal. The proceeds from our fundraising campaign will go toward the following:


* Indoor Training Facility
* Upkeep and maintenance of our diamonds.
* Tournament & Association Fees
* Training
* Equipment
* Scholarship Program

$2500.00 First Prize

$1,000.00 Second Prize

$500.00 Third Prize

How It Works

Each member of Stateline Sports Group will be selling NCAA March Madness brackets. The cost will be $20.00 for your first bracket and $10.00 for each additional bracket. On March 14th you will receive a link to our March Madness registration page where you will fill out your bracket or brackets. As the tournament proceeds, you will be able to track your point accumulations. Once the tournament is over the player with the most points will win $2500.00, second place $1,000.00, & third place $500.00. In case of a tie the player who picks the closest to the total points played in the championship game will determine the winners.


Important Dates

March 14th - Bracket Links Sent Out

On March 14th everyone who has purchased and paid for a bracket or brackets will receive a link to complete your brackets.


See How members can earn credit on their player fees

Any member that sells their 8 $20.00 brackets or a total of $150.00 in bracket sales will earn 25% of their sales revenue above the $150.00 in sales. The money can be applied to future player fee payments or refunded from your player-paid fees.

See How teams can earn additional funds for their team accounts.

Any team that sells their team quota of 8 $20.00 brackets per player will earn 25% of their team revenue total over their team quota. The team quota number must be reached first. The funds will be applied to their team account.