2021 Stateline Sports Group Fall Fundraiser

2021 Stateline Sports Group incentive prizes

Stateline Sports Group will be awarding prizes for the sports programs, teams, and members who excel in the fundraising campaign. There are many opportunities for winning a prize during the campaign. Check out the incentives and set a goal for the one you want.



Incentive Prizes

(Only one prize per person)

top revenue producer in the program

* $500.00 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card


top revenue producer in the stateline fury

* $250.00 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card  


top revenue producer in the stateline generals

* $250.00 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card


top revenue producer in the lady shamrocks

* $250.00 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card


top revenue producer for each of the program teams

7 Stateline Fury Team Winners
3 Stateline Team Generals Winners
5 Lady Shamrock Team Winners

* $50.00 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card For Each Team Winner


the program with the highest per member avaerage will win $500.00 divided between their teams.

our program will earn 85% of all donations

stateline sportsgroup challenge

Stateline Sports Group is excited to announce we will be launching a Fundraising Campaign powered by ETeamSponsor to help us raise the necessary funds for our program. The information below is designed to help you learn more about e Team's system and how it works and more importantly how easy and effective eTeamsponsor is.


What does eTeam Sponsor do? Campaign Fundraising. This is a common and very effective way to help fund a program, by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. eTeam's system allows us to invite people across the country to help support our cause using today's most common forms of communication (Email, Texting, and Social media). After they choose to donate to our campaign, a Receipt and a personalized "Thank You " will be emailed to them automatically on behalf of our program and your son/daughter.


Why do we choose eTeamSponsor? Because of their results. Since 2010, over 4000 schools and sports programs nationwide have raised millions using eTeam Sponsor. Its unique 3 by 3 system is safe, effective & proven to raise the most money possible. Their team approach to fundraising is easier, less time-consuming & more efficient than all other types of fundraising we do.


Our program will make 85% of all donations.


our program will earn 85% of all donations

What role will our player family members play?

On the Campaign Launch Date, your daughter/son will be asked to bring a list (Provided by eTeamSponsor) of a minimum of 20 potential supporters to the kick-off meeting, so we can spread the word. The goal is simple: get our campaign message in front of as many people as possible. Think of the people who would like to support your daughter/son who lives the farthest away first.


When each family completes their personal online dashboard you will need to know what our program's CID # is. Our CID # is 351254396.


Go to eTeamsponsor.com and follow the directions below. You should have your participant instructions sheet completed before you start in order to have your list ready. Each Stateline Sports Group participant will be provided a hard copy of the Participation Instructions.


Once you have completed your online participation information eTeamsponsor will handle the rest.



our program will earn 85% of all donations