Chad Hall

12U - White


Coach Bio

Chad is in his first year of coaching in the Stateline Fury program, but brings with him a wealth of playing and coaching experience, coupled with an intense love of the game.

He has been a die-hard fan and avid study of both baseball and softball since he was a young child. As a student of mathematics, the analytics and statistics of the game have always appealed to him. He spent hours watching Cubs games, studying strategy and learning the intricacies of the sport.

Chad played his first game at age 7, and continued to play baseball through high school. At the University of Illinois, Chad played intramural softball, and likes to jokingly brag that he earned an A in his Introduction to Softball class. Since that time, there has rarely been a year that he hasn’t played on at least one team, and continues to play as often as his schedule allows.

Wanting to share his knowledge and zest for the game others, Chad began coaching at the young age of 16. He has since led numerous successful baseball and softball teams. Many of Chad’s former players have themselves become coaches. He likes to think that his leadership helped to foster their continued desire to be involved in the game that he loves.

Though the ’20/’21 season marks Chad’s first as a fastpitch coach in a travel organization, he is confident that his fresh perspective will be beneficial to his team’s future success. Chad is excited to cultivate a successful team with an exceptional work ethic, and a desire to never stop competing.