2023 Stars of Tomorrow League

Presented By Brad Martin Dickerson & Nieman

Stars of Tomorrow 2023-logo

Stateline Sports Group's 2023 "Stars of Tomorrow" league

Welcome to the Stateline Sports Group's 10th season of the very popular "Stars of Tomorrow" league. The "Stars of Tomorrow league" is a joint effort between Stateline Sports Group, Roy Gayle Softball, Belvidere (BYB) Youth Softball, Poplar Grove Recreational Softball, and Pecatonica Recreational Softball. The "Stars of Tomorrow" league will be comprised of two playing divisions with one being our Silver (Recreational) and Gold class C (Tournament Teams).

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Important Dates

Next League Meeting - March 20th
Opening Night - May 6, 2023
8U & 12U Mid-Season Tournament - June 9- 11
10U & 14U Mid-Season Tournament -  June16-18
League Championship Tournament - July 7-9
League All-Star Night - July 12th

Silver Division

The "Stars of Tomorrow" Silver division will be comprised of recreational-level softball teams.  All Silver division games will use special game rules to help guarantee an enjoyable recreational style game focusing on the fun of the game. Each team in the Silver division will play 16-20 (Weather permitting) league games along with a mid-season tournament finishing with a league championship tournament.

Ages 8U,10U, 12U, & 14U 

(All 8U teams will play in the Silver division).

Gold Division

The "Stars of Tomorrow" Gold division will be comprised of tournament-level class C softball teams.  All Gold division games will use straight NAFA game rules with the goal being to provide a competitive environment to help prepare and develop teams for tournament action. each team in the gold division will play 16-20 (Weather permitting) league games. All Gold division games will be played at Roscoe Swanson Park.

Ages 10U, 12U, & 14U


The "Stars of Tomorrow" Silver division will play their home games at their program home diamond venue and will play their away games at either Roscoe Swanson Park, Belvidere Fairgrounds, Roy Gayle Park, Poplar Grove Lions Park, or Pecatonica Park District.



There are no team fees unless you are registering as an independent team that will use Roscoe Swanson Park as your home field. If that is the case the team fee is as written below.

$825.00 if registered by February 15, 2023
$895.00 if registered after February 15, 2023

Roscoe Swanson Park Rules

No Outside Food Or Drink
No Family Coolers
Team Cooler With Drink Allowed
No Firearms
No Sunflower Seeds or Gum


Swanson Park Gate Fees

The 2023 Gate Fee

$3.00 - Adults - Seniors 65 & Over Free
$1.50 - Children - Children 6 7 Under Free
$20.00 - Adult Season Pass
$10.00 - Child Season Pass

  • Season Pass is Good For league Games Only. Season pass Is Void For All Tournaments


The question always comes up as to why does Swanson Park have a gate fee? During the course of the season, Stateline Sports will host the Mid-Season tournaments, league championship tournaments, and All-Star night. The cost of these events is not covered in any player fee that goes to Stateline Sports Group. All of the expenses to run these events including diamonds, umpires and awards are paid for by Stateline Sports Group. The cost for just one of the Mid-season events will cost close to $2,750.00 each. The total cost for all of the extra events paid for by Stateline will cost close to $7,500.00. In addition to the event's extra cost, Stateline Sports Group has to cover the rental and maintenance cost of the diamond complex since they are owned by the Village of Roscoe. We hope this helps to explain the gate fee. Thank You!

Stateline Sports Group App

The "Stars of Tomorrow" league uses the Stateline Sports Group app exclusively for all weather announcements, scores, and updates. Please make sure you download the app,