2022 Stars of Tomorrow All Star Night
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At the end of each "Stars of Tomorrow" league, we host the Stars of Tomorrow All-Star Night. All-Star selections are made by each head coach with the number of players selected determined by the team's league standings as of July 1st, 2022.

The head coaches for each team will be the 1st place and the 2nd place team's coaches. The assistant coaches will be the coaches from the 3rd place and 4th place teams. Any of the remaining coaches are welcome to help.

The player selection link will go live on July 1st with all selections to be completed by July 5th.

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Wednesday July 20th

8U  Game 6:00 PM Diamond 2
10U Game 6:00 PM Stadium
12U Game 8:00 PM Diamond 2
14U Game 8:00 PM Stadium

The Stars of Tomorrow All-Star teams will be made up of the following teams.

1st & 2nd Place teams are allowed 5 Players each
3rd & 4th Place teams are allowed 4 Players each
5th & 6th Place teams are allowed 3 Players each
7th & 8th Place teams are allowed 2 Players each
9th & 10th Place teams allowed 1 Player each


The All-Star selection button will be live on July 2nd.


Game Time Limits

All games will be 75 minutes finish the inning with a 90-minute drop dead in order to get all of the games played. Teams should be all warmed up and ready to enter the playing area 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. Both teams are to line up on the baselines for introductions and certificate presentations prior to the game. Teams will flip to determine the home team.

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