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2019 Stars of Tomorrow

2019 Stars of Tomorrow League

The Stateline “Stars of Tomorrow “League is a joint effort by the Stateline Sports Group. The goal of the "Stars of Tomorrow" league is to provide a venue for primarily the recreational and low (Class C) softball teams. This league is currently a joint effort between  Stateline Fastpitch , Roy Gayle Girls Youth Fastpitch, Poplar Grove Power, Sidekicks, & the Poplar Grove Power Girls Fastpitch programs. With the cooperation and efforts of our participating teams, and programs we are able to put together a league to where the teams have the opportunity to play multiple teams during the course of a season instead of playing the same team over and over. Each team will play about 25 games during league play, mid season tournaments, and the end of the year championships.  Leagues are established as a home and away schedule  put together for each age group. Each team will play their league games along with the option of participating in our pre-season Mother's Day Smash, our mid-season "Stars of Tomorrow" tournament, and a season ending league championship series. In addition our annual All Star night is played at the end of the summer season. Standing will be kept throughout the season with all teams being seeded into the end of the year championship tournament.


Opening night will be on Friday May 10th. Hononegah high School will be playing Belvidere High School starting at 5 PM so it is a great opportunity to come out and watch them play. All teams participating in the league are welcome to participate. There will be a photography schedule for all of the Stateline teams and any independent team that needs one. The evenings schedule will be as follows:

6:45 Team Line Up
7:00 Welcome
7:05 National Anthem
7:10 Announcing of teams
7:20 Recognition of Dignitaries
7:25 introduce the Board
7:30 Director's Comments

7:40 Skills Team Competition
Around The Horn (4 players from each team)
Relay Race (4 Players from each team)
Speed Pitch (2 Players from each team)

Outside Team information

If you are a program with multiple teams, or an independent fastpitch team  looking for an established league to play in, then the "Stars of Tomorrow" league is the league for you. Please call 815-312-5143 for more information.

2019 Stars of Tomorrow League Championships

Each Year the Stars of Tomorrow league will crown a league champion team in each age group. In 2019 all teams will enter a double elimination tournament seeded by their standing as of July 5th.  The winning team in each age group will win a 4.5' to 5' league championship trophy. The championship tournaments will be played on July 12-14. The following venues will host league championship tournaments. 
Stateline- 10U
Roy Gayle - 12U
Poplar Grove- 8U
Stateline & Roy Gayle-14U


Seeding will be done after the July 5th games. The tie breakers will be the following:
1-Head to Head
2-Winning percentage
3-Runs allowed
4-Run Differential
5-Coin Flip


The 2019 "Stars of Tomorrow " player registration is now open.  Any player who registers before March 1, 2019 will receive a $25 discount.


Payment Options

Stateline Sports Group does their best to keep our youth leagues as affordable as possible while offering as much as we can in the program. With that said we understand the cost can be a burden for some families. Stateline Sports Group will allow payment plans to fit your families budget if needed. If any family can not afford the cost to participate up front we encourage you to call our office and ask about a plan that may fit your budget easier. Our office number is 815-312-5143 or email us at 

Stars of Tomorrow Team Registration

Stateline Sports Group is accepting class B & C teams to participate in our Stars of Tomorrow league. The cost is $895.00 with your insurance or $995.00 with our insurance. Please click on the link below to register your team. Please click on the link below to register.

2019 Stars of Tomorrow All Star Games

Each year the "Stars of Tomorrow " has an All Star game for each age group. This year the All Star games will be played on Wednesday July 17th at Swanson Park. The 8U & 10U will be played at 6PM and the 12U & 14U will be played at 8PM.  The team standings as of July 10th will be used as the determining  date for the number of players your team will have on the All Star team.  In case of ties we will use the following tie breakers.
1-Head To Head
2. Winning Percentage
3-Runs allowed
4-Run Differential
5- Coin Flip.

The highest seeded team's head coach will be the head coach for the All Star team. The second and third highest seeded head coaches will be the assistant coaches on the All Star Team. Coaches are to use the link below to submit their all star selections. We will need your selections completed by noon Friday the 12th.

8U Team 1                                                8U Team 2
# 1 Seed-5 Players                                                  # 2 Seed - 5 Players
# 3 Seed-4 Players                                                  # 4 Seed - 4 Players
# 5 Seed-3 Players                                                  #  6 Seed - 3 Players


10U Team 1                                           10U Team 2
# 1 Seed-4 Players                                                  # 2 Seed - 4 Players
# 3 Seed-3 Players                                                  # 4 Seed - 3 Players
# 5 Seed-2 Players                                                  #  6 Seed - 2 Players


12U Team 1                                          12U Team 2
# 1 Seed-5 Players                                                  # 2 Seed - 5 Players
# 3 Seed-4 Players                                                  # 4 Seed - 4 Players
# 5 Seed-3 Players                                                  #  6 Seed - 3 Players


14U Team 1                                            14U Team 2
# 1 Seed-5 Players                                                  # 2 Seed - 5 Players
# 3 Seed-4 Players                                                  # 4 Seed - 4 Players
# 5 Seed-3 Players                                                  #  6 Seed - 3 Players
# 7 Seed -2 Players                                                 # 8 Seed -  2 Players
# 9 Seed - 1 Player                                                  # 10 Seed - 1 Player